Message from the Executive Director

Gregory Fitch
Thank you for visiting the website of the Alabama Commission on Higher Education (ACHE).  This site is designed to provide a means of communication that is a transparent and user friendly environment, which is in full support of your interest as you consider the opportunities available for higher education within the state.

As one of your state agencies, ACHE is committed to the improvement of educational opportunities—at all levels—by working directly with Alabama’s public institutions and state policy leaders to ensure that the resources and services are available to assist you in improving your potential earning power and future.  Education is a primary partner in economic development and your foundation for a better future. Your being on this website is an indication of your desire to succeed and take advantage of the opportunities higher education provides.

Alabama is in the economic race and is positioned to take a leadership role nationally andglobally, but we need you.  We want you to take advantage of our excellent colleges and universities by planning your college career and future today. Working with the colleges and universities, ACHE will handle the state-wide planning, budgeting, and programming, but it is up to you to make it happen.  We’re ready to help! Our first responsibility is to you . . . the citizens of Alabama.

On behalf of the Commissioners and the staff of the ACHE, we wish you well and continued success as you commit to improving your life through education. This is your system; use it to your advantage.

With regards,

Gregory G. Fitch
Executive Director

       Executive Director's Office

Dr. Gregory Fitch,   Executive Director (334) 242-2123
Mrs. Deborah Nettles,  Administrative Assistant (334) 242-2139

       Operations and Fiscal Services

Mr. Tim Vick,  Director  (334) 353-9153
Mrs.Veronica Harris,  Director of Agency Fiscal Services & Accounting (334) 242-2256
Mrs. Susan Davis,  Staff Accountant (334) 242-2261
Ms. Everlene Love,  Senior Accountant (334) 353-1272
Mrs. Yolanda McCree,   Accountant (334) 242-2266
Mrs. Cheryl Newton,  Grants Administrator (334) 242-2273

       Technology Services

Mr. Walter Hutcheson,   Director  (334) 242-2743
Mr. Michael Clemons,  Network Administrator (334) 242-2103
Mr. Willie Darden,  Programmer (334) 353-3067
Mrs. Shelia McFarland,  Software Support Coordinator (334) 242-2747
Mr. Stephen Mims,  Programmer (334) 242-2106
Ms Nikesha Ross,  Programmer (334) 353-1159

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