Knight V Alabama

State Report in Compliance with Settlement Agreement

On October 13, 2006 the State Defendants and the Knight-Sims Plaintiffs in the Knight v. Alabama, Civil Action, CV83-M-1676, 900 F Supp 272, entered into a Settlement Agreement.  The Settlement Agreement can be found at

Section II (4) of the Settlement Agreement read as follows:

4.    As and to the extent such information shall become available to ACHE, ACHE
       shall post on its web-site the following:

a.    The average cost of attending public universities and postsecondary institutions in Alabama;

b.    The total amount of Pell grants awarded to students at institutions of higher education in Alabama;

c.     The amount of need-based financial aid awarded to students through the ASAP program, disaggregated by institution and by the number of  students receiving ASAP financial aid;

d.     A comparison of state need-based financial aid provided in Alabama with regional and national financial aid data, as available. 

The most current information for Section II (4)a above can be found at

The most current responses for Section II (4) b, c, and d can be found in the Needs-Based Student Financial Aid at

We are extremely proud to report at this time that with the additional funds received as a result of the Settlement Agreement and as a result of the increases received for FY 2007-2008 from 2007 Alabama Legislature and the Governor, the needs-based college aid program has been expanded from previous years.  The available funds will be distributed through ASAP to students qualifying for the financial aid at two- or four-year institutions.  ACHE Executive Director Gregory G. Fitch called the increase a "dramatic commitment from the state to help students who face significant challenges paying for and staying in college." 

As more current information becomes available these pages will be updated.  

Last updated:  07/19/2011

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