PK-20 Initiative

One of the major goals of the Commission, as outlined in the State Plan for Alabama Higher Education, is to formalize a PK-20 Initiative – a seamless system of education used to integrate through an alignment of state and federal resources, a complete educational system of ongoing student support and business/industry interests.  (Pls. note pipeline identifiers, i.e. student current efforts, data support system, new initiatives)

The PK-20 Initiative incorporates all facets of education from early learning opportunities through higher education.  Current issues facing educators and business leaders will be addressed.  Those include expanding access to college and/or employment by modifying delivery options and creating recognizable benchmarks for success with clearly defined competencies to ensure positive outcomes.  This will be essential in reducing the need for continuing remediation and addressing drop-out issues.  More educational opportunities at all levels should reduce the number of dropouts, while increasing high school and college retention and graduation rates, while supporting career systems at all levels. 

In January, 2013, Executive Order 36 was announced, establishing the Governor’s College and Career Ready Task Force bringing together members of the legislature, the education continuum and the business community in a united effort to strengthen the preparation of students for the workforce. A report from the committee is scheduled for release in December, 2013.

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